Consulting Services

Dan McCormack & Associates works with individuals and businesses to maximize the occurrence of positive results during times of transition. We assist clients as they move away from normal processes, encourage them to embrace change and expand their abilities to achieve their goals.


  • Business Planning
  • Collaboration & Team Building
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Plans & Initiatives
  • Succession Planning, Training & Development

Examples of Experiences & Successful Outcomes

  • Evaluated the billing process and programs for multiple organizations with proposed recommendations leading to improved collections and positive cashflows.
  • Consulting engagement influenced collaboration amongst law firm managers with outcomes including a revised compensation model, the expansion to new practice areas and the resolution of long term problematic conflicts.
  • Downsized and relocated a 125 person law office achieving a 35% reduction in occupied space and favorable lease considerations.
  • Wrote and implemented the strategic plan for a community health center resulting in an expansion of services, the elimination of deficits and the assurance of a continuation of health care for 25,000 annual patient visits.
  • Successfully completed succession planning for key managerial roles for a $100 million law office.