Our Story

Daniel McCormack is founder and CEO of Dan McCormack & Associates LLC, a firm dedicated to providing consulting and executive coaching to the legal market and service industries. In 2020, Dan was named the number one executive coach in Boston by Influence Digest.

Dan’s experience includes twenty-one years as the lead administrator within a 125-person law office with operating results consistently at the forefront of the $2 billion global firm’s standards. Achievements include successfully mentoring staff from newly hired entry level roles into effective managers while motivating others to achieve their career goals; some now peers at rival firms. Dan’s collaborative and communication skills were instrumental in relocating the firm into a 35% smaller leased area yet still experiencing improvement in employee morale and engagement.

Prior to his time in the legal field, Dan served three years on the Board of Directors and held the title of CFO for a health care facility. During that time, Dan demonstrated his listening and organizational development skills as he wrote and implemented the strategic plan that eliminated the prior years of operational deficiencies and successfully strengthened the organization’s ability to provide new and expanded services to the local community.

The banking sector is where Dan’s career began and his responsibilities successfully progressed from managing a $30 million branch office, cross selling $75 million in new business and eventually responsibility and accountability for the credit worthiness of upwards to $100 million in bank assets.

Mergers, acquisitions and change were prevalent throughout Dan’s career and his success with each transition provided the foundation for Dan McCormack & Associates LLC.  Dan’s accreditations, his financial and operational knowhow and his affiliation with other well-known consultants provides his company the capacity to support small to large scale projects for law firms as well as other service oriented organizations.