Dan is a seasoned professional with deep expertise in strategy, business operations and executive coaching. He is insightful and intuitive and at the same time challenges his coachees to own their success. Working with Dan feels like having a champion who cares about your success. He provides that safe space to share your thinking, doubts and ideas for growth. Working with Dan is a gift.

– Natalie Loeb

It is my good fortune to have known Dan for the past two years on a Professional basis. Dan brings excellent experience, energy, and practicality as a Coach. Even after being successful in my own business Dan has successfully Coached me to better organized, establish priorities, and helped me to find ways to keep myself accountable to successfully make positive long-term changes in both my business in personal life. Dans strengths include his empathy from substantial personal life experience, business acumen, and the ability make a client feel very comfortable while still being able to challenge and motivate a client to reflect on the best ways to move forward towards their goals.

– Ed Levine

Dan is deeply caring and methodical. In the 12 weeks that we worked together, he helped me work out many aspects of my business, always with a focus on where my heart, mind, and values were in the process. Dan is not afraid to ask tough questions and manages to do so with gentle respect for his client’s feelings.

– Rich Heller

I recently completed a 12 session coaching program with Dan and it was phenomenal. In that time he was able to help me change my perspective and broaden my understanding. He taught me how to see my role outside of the previously myopic scope I had. He helped me find ways to broaden my impact on the firm. He helped me to see that I can engage different levels of my firm’s administration, attorneys, and management in a productive and service oriented way that will get me noticed and allow me to advance at a quicker rate than I was going before our sessions. I highly recommend Dan for anyone looking to improve their professional and even personal life.

– David Fuentes

Dan did an amazing job helping me discover opportunities for me to grow my business. He helped me clarify my vision of where I wanted to take it and implement an action plan that enabled me to meet my goals. Along the way he validated my struggles and redirected my focus to be more productive. I highly recommend Dan!

– Jeanine Mouchawar

I have had a great pleasure working with Dan in the past year. Dan is a highly effective coach. I felt very comfortable working with him. He is kind, supportive which allowed me to open up and communicate with him freely. Dan is also very professional, knowledgeable and insightful. With his great help and guidance, I was able to successfully build clear strategical business and transition plan from short term and long term perspective towards my passion. I was always inspired and motivated after each session with him and had strong sense of accountability to continue growing and moving forward my desire outcomes. Appreciate very much and look forward to continuing working with him in the future.

– Minnie Zhou, BPO at Sanofi

I started working with Dan during the start of the pandemic. I am so happy I had Dan as my coach during this transition. I worked with Dan for three months and he helped me become better organized with my marketing plan and held me accountable so I achieved ALL of my business goals. He is very professional, inspiring, and a great listener. I highly recommend Dan!

– Lenamarie