Three Benefits an Executive Coach Can Provide for You and Your Business

Hiring an executive coach can be a significant investment for your organization, however, effective coaching is a valuable resource for individuals as they take on challenges and manage new situations. This past year has taught us that we need to be resilient in the face of change and have the skills and ability to pivot and adapt. A great coach will help you identify skills that are lacking, abilities that can be strengthened and talents that may be untapped. While there are many benefits to coaching, including increased self-awareness, better decision making, the ability to develop clearer goals, enhanced teamwork, increased productivity and better quality work, here are three meaningful ways you and your business can benefit from an executive coach.

Gain a clearer understanding of client service.
Anyone who is client facing will develop a clearer understanding of client service because coaching includes training in “soft skills” such as effective communication, empathy, crisis management and conflict resolution. Developing these skills will help you relate and respond to clients in new and better ways – whether in times of crisis or simply in day-to-day interactions. Likewise, you’ll broaden your understanding of client service from a business perspective to a human perspective, which will help clients feel supported and understood, and this will result in stronger client relationships. Coaching will also help you take a deep dive into understanding the essential role client service plays within your organization – and the critical role each and every employee has in the overall client experience. Your newfound skills will help you and your team deliver the highest level of client service.

Learn to empower and develop employees.
Developing an organization that is focused on continuous improvement, collaboration, client service, solutions and results is imperative for success – and employees who feel valued and empowered are essential to achieving these goals. However, supporting employees’ professional growth and development while making them feel empowered requires great leadership. Research suggests that most people are not born great leaders but can become great leaders with meaningful development and training opportunities. An effective coach can help you develop skills that will inspire and energize your team. You’ll learn to see others more clearly, which will help you support and leverage each employee’s strengths while challenging them to think for themselves. This leadership style lets employees know their contributions are important and in turn they feel valued, empowered and more engaged.

Become more engaged at all levels within your organization.
Executive coaching can benefit individuals looking to expand their leadership roles and spheres of influence within their organizations while providing positive results for businesses. Individuals who embrace coaching build self-awareness and are better able to see how they can make changes that help them build a better profile and become more engaged in their organization. It’s easy to work tirelessly each day while focusing too narrowly on your job and miss opportunities to build visibility for yourself and your team. A good coach will hone your interpersonal skills, help you develop better and more productive relationships, and learn how to influence others to create consensus. You’ll learn to leverage strengths you may be underestimating and realize their uniqueness, value and potential. Coaching can even help you develop a personal brand – the skills, passion and expertise you want to be known for – and then help you market your brand effectively within your organization.

As you work towards becoming a more effective leader, each coaching session will benefit not only you but your overall organization, because the success of your business is dependent on effective leaders who can deliver the highest level of client service, empower and inspire employees, and engage effectively within all levels of the organization. Contact Dan McCormack & Associates to learn more about our executive coaching services.